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  • Students and Parents Drive Development of MyTransPlanner! for Transition Planning
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  • IDEA 2004 August 2006

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    September, 2006
    Back to School with MyTransPlanner!
    Online Transition Tool takes the worry out of Transition Planning
    "I'm so glad that parents are invited to help fill out the questionnaire with their kids more parental involvement puts parents and their kids on the same page. They might learn something that they did not know."
    - parent of child receiving special education services

    This past summer, we had the pleasure of meeting with a number of special education parent and student advocacy groups.We introduced them to our online transition planning program called MyTransPlanner!

    The encouraging feedback was overwhelming. Parents were excited that finally, a product exists that can help create a transition plan, in the privacy of their own home!

    We also found out that parents were excited that MyTransPlanner! helps create positive dialog between parents, advocates, and the students themselves. In fact, our parent/student involvement directly relates to the new changes in IDEA 2004 which were finalized in late August!

    Please read on about MyTransPlanner! As always, feel free to contact me about how Wizdom Education can help you and your students with their special education needs. Have a wonderful school year!

    Philip Vitkus, Wizdom Education

    Students and Parents Drive Development of MyTransPlanner! for Transition Planning

    "I'm relieved to find that Wizdom Education supports the idea that Transition Planning should begin in middle school. It's nice to get an early start on what my child might need to succeed in the future."
    - parent of child receiving special education services

    For students with disabilities, choices and decisions about what they will do and where they will live after high school is often complex and may require substantial planning.

    MyTransPlanner! was created to help students and their families draw up a realistic plan. It helps empower them to take charge of their future.

    Students with disabilities and their family members use MyTransPlanner! in the comfort and privacy of their own homes to plan to make the most of the time in high school and prepare for adult life. The plan covers high school education, training, home life, and community participation.

    Families can take their well- prepared plan to the next school meeting and obtain the school-provided services that the student deserves.

    MyTransPlanner! meets the requirements of IDEA 2004 and helps teachers, students, and family members develop the best transition plan possible.

    A one year subscription to MyTransPlanner! is only $49.97!

    Read more about MyTransPlanner!

    MyTransPlanner! More About MyTransPlanner!

    MyTransPlanner! is available on a subscription basis for only $49.97 per year! You can access MyTransPlanner! any time, and update the transition plan as many times as you want!

    How to Subscribe to MyTransPlanner!
    To purchase a one year subscription to MyTransPlanner, visit the Wizdom Education Website: We accept all major credit cards on our secure server.

    More About MyTransPlanner!

    IDEA 2004 IDEA 2004 August 2006

    This past August 2006, the final regulations of the IDEA 2004 were published.

    According to the U.S. Department of Education, the final regulations are designed to do what's best for students. There is a new focus on ensuring that students with disabilities achieve to high standards. In addition, the final regulations:

    • Provide flexibility in spending resources to ensure that students with disabilities are identified early and accurately, and that they receive the support they need;
    • Ensure high school education prepares students for further education, training, employment, and participation in the community;
    • Reduce burdensome paperwork for educators and administrators; and
    • Strengthen parents' involvement in their children's education.

    Read the New IDEA 2004 Regulations....
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