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Education Live! Special Education Portal

Wizdom EducationLive! Special Education Portal

About Wizdom EducationLive!
Wizdom EducationLive! is the very first product that uses readily available technology to close the gap between the need for LEAs and their Case Managers to know the exact real time capability and availability of Community Service Providers to meet the exact real time needs of students in transition. And, it is the very first product that enables Community Service Providers to be certain that their exact real time capability and availability is understood and known by their constituent community.

With Wizdom EducationLive! Case Managers always have knowledge of all Community Service Providers. With Wizdom EducationLive! Community Service Providers always have knowledge of what their customers need and want.

Special Education Case Managers, Parents and Students
Wizdom EducationLive! is an easy-to-navigate one-stop resource designed to help special education teachers, administrators, parents and students better manage and enjoy the day-to-day challenges of getting the best possible education. Wizdom EducationLive! is a Special Education portal that takes a friendly and informative approach to content, offering those in Special Education experts participation in a vibrant and secured web-based community. EducationLive! offers:

A sense of community
Our Area News section offers a thriving support system, by providing up-to-date news on the happenings in the area of special education. Tap into the collective wisdom of hundreds of providers, educators and parents.

Recognition as a trusted source
Our Service Provider section offers a detailed list of service providers in your area. Service providers have the ability to post their unique services and information in an easy-to-use form. Case Managers, Parents, and Students can log on and access this information quickly and easily.

A community calendar.
Our Calendar section offers a live calendar which posts many of the special education events in your area and around the country.

About Wizdom Education
We see Wizdom EducationLive! as an important component in the Special Education community. As we have been getting the word out about Wizdom Education and the many products and services that we provide, we saw a need for a “one-stop shop” which links people from all aspects of Special Education together in a unique, friendly and informative way.

How EducationLive! Works
EducationLive! serves all aspects of the Special Education Community. You can use EducationLive! to suit your particular needs. screen image of Education Live log in page
You will be given a unique user name and password. Just type them in, and you’re ready to go!

Screen shot of Education live your page section

You will be taken to your home page. If you are a Service Provider you will be able to see all of the information about every "Info File" you have ever submitted or modified in EducationLive!. You will be able to edit current info files or create new ones announcing new services and capabilities or eliminating those that are obsolete. Depending upon permission, users will be able to search for Service Providers by properties such as Area Served, How they are paid, and other relevant characteristics. Your page also includes folder areas to access a Special Education News, Area News, and Community Calendar.

Education Live! screen: Transportation, Self-advocacy, and Independent Living Skills Traning from RAMP

Service Providers can log onto Wizdom EducationLive! and personally post detailed information about the services they provide, contact details, what they would like you to know about them, and who might be a good candidate for their services. Educators, parents and students can access this information and contact the service provider either online or in any manner they choose.

Screen image of Education Live Calendar page

Special Education News, Area News and Calendar sections link you with the Special Education community in a friendly atmosphere. Read online about up-to-date areas of interest, and view what is happening in your area. You can even customize your settings to get information that is especially important to you.

Wizdom EducationLive! automatically generates your info file in a standardized format easily understood by School District personnel. All information is in the right place at the right time. And, there is a link to your website so the IEP Team can go to you directly or they can email you from EducationLive! Additional features include News U Can Use, a SE calendar and more.

For more information about Wizdom Education Live! please phone 630-357-3000 or email Robin Davies (robind@wizdom.com).




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