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  • TransPlanner! Helps Teachers Navigate Transition Planning
  • TransPlanner! Takes the Guesswork out of Transition Planning
  • IDEA Takes Effect October 14!

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    October 6, 2006
    Navigate Transition Planning with TransPlanner!
    IDEA 2004 Takes Effect October 14!
    "In fourteen hundred and ninety-two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue."

    A brilliant success for Columbus! Or was it?

    Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue with little information, incomplete maps, and no one to guide him.

    Columbus believed he had opened up a direct nautical route to Asia, but he had actually established a nautical route between Europe and the Americas. His landing and the final results are memorable, but in actuality, he took his crew the wrong way. When it comes to transition planning, how many special education teachers in your school district feel like they are on Columbus' ship?

    IDEA 2004 Regulations take effect October 14th. Please read on to find out how Wizdom Education and TransPlanner! can help your teachers and their students navigate the transition planning waters, and reach the intended destination of achieving their post high school goals.


    Philip Vitkus, Wizdom Education

    TransPlanner! Helps Teachers Navigate Transition Planning

    How are your teachers responding to transition planning? As they navigate through transition planning, do they say or feel:

    "Never been there before."

    • Do your teachers "stick close to the coast" (are they doing what they've always done)?

    • Or, do your teachers focus on the intended "destination" (the post secondary goals) of their students?

    "Don't know what to use."
    Do your teachers lack the "tools" they need (age appropriate transition assessments, to help identify their students' destinations?

    "Don't know how to get there."
    Can your teachers "map out" the way their students need to take (in a transition plan) so the students can travel towards their post high school destinations?

    "Can't tell where we've been."
    Can your teachers "log" the progress their students are making towards the students' destinations?

    "I'm stuck on an island."
    Finally do your teachers know the "sailing partners" in the community who can possibly pay for or provide transition services to their students?

    MyTransPlanner! Transplanner! Takes the Guesswork out of Transition Planning

    Wizdom Education can help your teachers, students with disabilities and their families plan the course for a successful and satisfying transition to post high school life.

    The Wizdom TransPlanner! fosters those conversations that result in meaningful, student-directed individualized transition plans, and identifies community agencies who can shoulder some of the burden in providing transition services.

    Setting the course:

    • Wizdom TransPlanner! uses on-line survey to gather information from the student.
    • Automatically prepares outcome based Individualized Transition Plan (ITP), complete with who provides what service, and when.
    • Used with LiveIEP!, the TransPlanner! manages all IEP forms, putting them in one easy-to- access location.
    • Identifies and links to service providers who are important in ensuring the student's post-high school success.
    • Provides robust security, ensuring privacy and confidentiality.

    • Obeys IDEA 2004!!!!

    To find out more about TransPlanner!, and how it can help your school, contact Wizdom Education: (630) 357-3000. Ask for Phil Vitkus. Phil will happily guide you through TransPlanner! and answer any questions on how it can help!

    More About TransPlanner!

    IDEA 2004 IDEA 2004 Takes Effect October 14! 

    That's the week of Columbus Day!

    In August 2006, the final regulations of the IDEA 2004 were published.

    According to the U.S. Department of Education, the final regulations ensures that high school education prepares students for:

    • further education,

    • further training,

    • further employment, and

    • participation in the community.

    Read the New IDEA 2004 Regulations....
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