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February 16, 2005

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Wizdom Education helps teachers avoid the Special Education Data Hunt

Illnois District 127 Update

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Over the past years we've had the privilege of meeting hundreds of dedicated educators. We've been impressed by the time and commitment each and every one bring to their profession. This is the same dedication that we try to bring to Wizdom Education and our products and services

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Wizdom Education helps teachers avoid the special education
"data hunt."

photo: woman with too much paperworkStudent enrollment date... IEP meetings dates...Parent home language ...Private facility placement date ...Program description date ...Home address ...Evaluation date ...Home school

These are all pieces of special education data, commonly stored in school district Student Information Systems (SIS) or statewide Pupil and Personnel Reporting Systems - data which IEPs must include.

It's data that causes special education teachers to waste time - time that could otherwise be spent helping their students with disabilities make progress towards achieving their annual academic and functional goals.

How can this be? How can data cause teachers to waste time?
Because it's not on hand when the teachers need it.

"Data hunts."
When preparing for IEP meetings, teachers need student, family, program, and school data to complete the IEPs. To get complete accurate data, teachers often go on "data hunts," looking among their files and the school district's files for complete and accurate student, family, program and school data.

Data found but inaccurate.
Then, the data that teachers find in files and include in IEPs is not always accurate. This results in even more wasted teacher time and sends teachers and administrators on more "data hunts," since the new data in the IEPs now conflicts with what has been officially entered in the school SIS or state reporting system.

Wizdom Education, a fully owned division of Wizdom Systems, Inc., has "cracked the code" to help teachers have more time for teaching and avoid the special education "data hunt."

  • Wizdom works with school districts to extract information from the school districts' SIS or the statewide reporting system and copy the information into the schools' computer-based IEP systems.
  • Wizdom does this without "opening" the SIS or reporting system, thus avoiding a challenge to data integrity.

  • Wizdom does this so the information copied into the IEP system is updated daily.
Let us Help You!
Wizdom can cut the special education "data hunt" for you. Wizdom provides software consulting services with great attention paid to your needs.

Contact Wizdom to bring special education data:

  • From your school district's student information system to your computer-based IEP system. Wizdom consults on any student information system and computer-based IEP system.
  • From your state's pupil and personnel reporting system to your computer-based IEP system. Wizdom consults on any state pupil and personnel reporting system.

Don't have a computer-based IEP system?
Not a problem. Contact Wizdom about LiveIEP!, Wizdom's affordable approach to IEP forms management across the Internet. LiveIEP! lets you take advantage of the strengths of the Internet and PCs. And LiveIEP! uses the IEP forms your teachers are already using, so they are already up to speed in their use. LiveIEP! can help your teachers get IEP paperwork done quickly and accurately.

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Illinois District 127 Update

Wizdom cut the special education "data hunt" for District 127 in Illinois.

District 127 in Grayslake, Illinois, called on Wizdom to both provide them with an IEP system and to connect to Illinois' state reporting system called EDWin. Wizdom installed Wizdom's web-based forms management system called LiveIEP! and provided custom hands-on workshops for the teachers.

"Wizdom LiveIEP! captures student information from the Illinois Special Education System EdWin version 2005 and automatically populates the District's IEP forms eliminating the need for teachers to re input student information," said Denise Kindle, the District 127's special education director. "This is a tremendous advantage in terms of time saving and accuracy. And from the district's point of view, school administration is always certain that records are current and consistent across the entire district."

Dennis E. Wisnosky
and Denise Kindle

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