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   About Wizdom Education

Wizdom Education is a division of Wizdom Systems, a Naperville, Illinois based company that has been providing government and corporate clients with business process reengineering, instructional design, training, and services since 1986.

How We Began
We started our work in Special Education in 1999 after we won a grant from the U.S. Department of Education. They asked us to apply the experience we gained in automating private industry and government to fix the transition process, making it more efficient. We achieved our goal!

Our research showed that despite all the good intentions, the transition process itself is broken. Parents, students, and educators are not getting the results they expect, and the costs are too high. Consider for example, that the overhead cost of SE is 3 times that of Regular Education. Clearly, outcomes would be better if the money were spent on the children, not on the system. The U.S. Education Department agreed with our conclusions of the inadequecy of the transition process.

Our initial installations show that we can take 25% of the cost out of administration. The challenge we now have is not technology but getting the word out.

Wizdom Education Today
We are proud to say that highly regarded school districts use our products to:

  • Dramatically improve the processes they have in place today

  • Collect and process all information - in real time

  • Facilitate measurements leading to outcomes as recognized and anticipated

  • Provide outcomes for every individual which are as good as those provided by their best people

  • Return the maximum Federal funds to the school district

Products and Services
Through hands-on experience, extensive research, and actively listening to the concerns of SE providers, we've now developed (and continue to develop!) very distinct products and services that can work separately or together to get the job done:

Wizdom Transplanner!
web-based Individual Transition Plans (ITP). TransPlanner bridges the gap between technology and student need. Via the Internet, TransPlanner automatically develops Individual Transition Plans (ITP) for students with disabilities at the completion of an easy-to-use survey.

Wizdom LiveIEP!
web-based Individual Individualized Education Program (IEP). With LiveIEP!, case managers receive the benefits of accessing and working with the most current IEP forms anywhere, anytime.

Wizdom LMSLive!
web-based Learning Management System (LMS). LMSLive! is a simple, direct, economical web-based LMS designed to give the entire workforce access to e-learning from a single point of access using only a web browser.

IEP/ITP Continuing Professional Development Classes
Earn CEU's and CPDU's through Wizdom Education, an ISBE-approved professional evelopment activity provider!

Wizdom LiveAid!
Special Education Portal for Special Education service providers. Service providers keep track of and file Medicaid records via the Internet. No more forms, no more clerical errors, and faster and more accurate payment!

Wizdom EducationLive!
A one-stop resource designed to help special education teachers, administrators, parents, and students better manage and enjoy the day-to-day challenges of getting the best possible education. Service providers enter their information into the database, which is then accessible to school districts and teachers.



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Wizdom Education 1300 Iroquois Avenue Naperville, IL 60563
phone: (630) 357-3000 fax:(630) 357-3059

Email Robin Davies: robind@wizdom.com